Reconnecting with patients

The Flourish Health Network was borne of a vision to provide holistic, high quality, affordable healthcare to the greater Gainesville community. We employ an integrative, functional medical approach to healthcare for our patients.

The direct primary care model (DPC) is the most effective way to increase quality of healthcare while simultaneously reducing its cost. The DPC model is not a new model of care. It has been used by primary health care providers for decades. It continues to gain popularity as health care providers in the traditional model of care are being deprived of the quality time they desire with patients.

After years of working for institutions in which primary care had become rushed and impersonal, we founded Flourish with the goal of putting a personal connection back in healthcare.

In this model of care, patients pay a monthly membership fee. The membership includes all aspects of routine care including: annual wellness exams, same and next day visits, urgent care visits and unlimited access to your healthcare provider via email and text. Many other services, such as urinalysis and EKG, are provided at no additional charge. More advanced tests and many prescriptions are available to patients at deeply discounted prices.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is not insurance. It is healthcare. It is a relationship between patients and their healthcare providers. DPC offers patient control and transparent costs for basic healthcare.  Flourish provides ample time and attention during appointments for patients to adequately express concerns and ask questions. Our providers take great care to ensure that patients have a sufficient understanding of pertinent medical information and advice.

We believe that a solid patient/provider relationship is the bedrock of quality healthcare and we operate our practice with that fundamental principle in mind.