Jennifer Conlon,


I love supporting my patients and empowering them through all stages of life. I see myself as a partner in their healthcare.”-Jen Conlon

Jennifer is a family nurse practitioner, board-certified by the American Academy Nurse Credentialing Center. She graduated from Florida State College with an Associate of Science in Nursing in 1999, and began her career in nursing in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2014, Jennifer went on to graduate with honors from Chamberlain College of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In 2016 she attained a Master of Science in Nursing from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program.


Jennifer has an extensive background in medical, surgical, cardiac and neuro critical care. As a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer cares for patients of all ages specializing in primary care and family practice.

Jennifer has a passion for helping others. She believes in building long lasting and trusting relationships with patients. She is dedicated to helping all patients adopt a healthy lifestyle and enjoys teaching her patients about preventive health care.

Jennifer has been married to her husband Thomas since 2013. They have 2 beautiful children, Jaxson and Ella and two fur babies, Sura and Aggie. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking trips to the beach, traveling and doing CrossFit.

Samantha Noah,


It appears that the traditional medical model has trained Americans to be passive recipients of medication. My goal is to retrain patients and parents to be active participants in their health care. Providing the highest quality care is not as simple as making a diagnosis and writing a prescription."-Samantha Noah

Samantha began her career in nursing as a nurse tech in 1996 after graduating from the University of Florida with Bachelor of Science in Health Science Education. She earned an Associate of Science in Nursing from Santa Fe College in 1999 and spent the next 17 years working in critical care and emergency medicine. Samantha graduated with honors from the University of South Alabama in 2016, and is now dual-certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as both a Family Nurse Practitioner and an Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

Samantha found herself acutely ill at the age of 25 and could not find the type of treatment she needed in the traditional medical paradigm. During this period of her life, Sam developed a passion for holistic and integrative care. This experience led her to a personal understanding of what it felt like to be a a non-traditional patient in a traditional medical establishment. She then created The Functional NP Facebook page so that she could share ideas about healthy living with others through social media.


Samantha's focus is on disease prevention and modification of lifestyle choices. Her passion is keeping families physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and empowered.

With her solid experience and education in allopathic medical and surgical care, combined with years of clinical education and experience in functional medicine, Sam is able to provide patients of all ages the full spectrum of care they seek.

Sam has been married to her husband, Wally, for 16 years and together they have two wonderful children and a farm full of animals. Sam's favorite thing to do is watch her children play the sports they love.